Chennai teen makes cards to inspire people

Sai Krishna Priya

Chennai: We live in a time when work stress and negative news often plague our mind. Sometimes it leads to depression. At such moments, people need motivation.

M Sai Krishna Priya is creating a positive impact with her set of quote cards- ‘The Little Packages.’ This 18-year-old collects quotes from the books she reads and anywhere she comes across, makes them into cards for people to get inspired.


“Little Packages was something I did a few years ago for my mother just to make her day better. I then stopped doing it,” says Priya.

Earlier this year, she faced a rough patch in her life. “Two people who are very close to me shared quotes with me every morning. It made me move forward. I soon decided to use this to help others.”


Some of the cards created by Sai Krishna Priya

Little Packages is a box that has beautiful cards with quotes. She has content for all age groups- from children to elderly people. Priya has a designer of her own who helps her create the cards.

“I choose different topics like motivation, confidence, self-love, etc., and I curate the quotes based on what people lack.”

She offers three types of boxes including a pre-packed collection of quote cards. If people want messages based on a specified set of topics, Priya ensures that she compiles such quotes and gives it to them. She even makes products for corporates working in a stressful environment.

“For kids I create Disney quotes and also for senior people who are in need of a company,” says Priya. “I want to spread positivity. I am soon going to launch packages in Tamil and Telugu too.”


“I do this to help a person change his/her outlook towards themselves and the world,” says Priya. Her mantra is to throw kindness around like confetti.

She adds that this was all possible with the help of her uncle, Shiva Prasad and her teacher, K Balaji. Priya can be reached at 9003088227. Follow her on Instagram: @littlepackages.est2018

Mohammed Rayaan