Sneak your way with sneakers

Sneakers are preferred a lot by young men as it gives a cool dude vibe but at the same time gives a man the look that speaks of class and style. Here’s a simple guide for you to nail your personality with a sneaker.


Sporting sneakers while wearing shorts may be the best choice if you happen to hang out with your friends for a casual meet. Yet, you need to make sure that the combination isn’t a gym-worthy kind of outfit but rather a cool summer style. Hence, it would be wise if you keep the white sneaker lean and slim looking. Wear them without socks. Opting for plain fit tees, solid coloured shorts and aviator shades may be the right combo.


Men are just mad about jeans. It is the fashion choice men are so used to. Wearing jeans with sneakers will make you look dashing. You can choose to wear simple, solid black slim-fit jeans and pair it with white sneakers. Your look is complete if you dress up with a half-sleeved tee. Take away unnecessary items like socks and keep jackets, shirting and coats ironed with solid colours.


Chinos are solid coloured cotton pants with a touch of light, thin fabric. This look requires a penchant for slouchier silhouettes. So, get inspired by the American urban subcultures. For a look that will take you from day to night, the essential style indicator is the cuffed ankle while you sport a chino. Pair with a casual jacket and weave underneath an urban tee to evoke a relaxed urban mood. The Nike Air Force One is a good choice.


When paired with a suit or a blazer, the sneaker adds a touch of informality to a tailored outfit, especially for night-outs. Keep your socks on with a smarter suit, especially if you’re sporting other trimmings like a tie, pocket square or waistcoat. The cleanness required for the look works best with Adidas. If you are a guy with bucks, then seek Gucci, Acne Studios or John Lobb. Whatever the brand, the sneakers need to remain sleek (like dress shoes) and absolutely white and bright. A dirty pair will kill the swag look you have worked so hard to muster.

Mohammed Rayaan