View 3D videos on cellphones with WOW 3D screen guard

Anubha Sinha

Chennai: Gone are the days when 3D movies / videos could be watched only on the big screen or television, wearing those oversized glasses. Now, watching 3D videos has become more accessible through the revolutionary invention of WOW 3D screen guard that was recently launched during 2.0 film audio launch by Lyca Productions.

In an interview to News Today, the founder of this technology, Anubha Sinha, elaborates about her invention, talks about her tie-up with Lyca, how the model works and more.


Q: Can you explain about the product?

A: There are a lot of companies working to come up with revolutionary 3D invention for their devices. But we wanted to make it more accessible to the public, making it with less cost. So, we came up with this invention of WOW 3D, a screen guard that can be used over any model of phone and 3D vision can be enjoyed without hassle. For this, we started working with nanotechnology.

Q: How is this product recognised around the world?

A: This product, though it was launched during the 2.0 audio launch, was previously sent for testing to Hollywood. The advanced imaging society in US, formed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, DreamWorks Animation (DWA), Sony, Paramount and other hi-tech heads, were thrilled with this invention and have announced that they will recognise the product with an award called, AIS technology award. This is the first Asian company to get this award. The event will take place on 14 December. This is a big moment for India.

Q: How did the idea germinate?

A: From my school days, I was into 3D printing. Then we developed a 3D convention studio. In 2017, we broke the record of the movie Men in Black 3 with a Malayalam movie, Pulimurugan, in 3D convention. With the motto of making 3D videos accessible, we developed this card. With this, even 2D films can be watched in 3D. Even very old movies can be brought into 3D technology.

Q: Can you explain the technology of the product?

A: We have two eyes and individually we watch two separate images with both the eyes. It is our brain that compiles the image and gives us a single view. This is how 3D also works. There are glasses that filter the images and send it to brain. Without glasses it is challenging to give 3D experience. So, we used nanotechnology where the left image gets refracted to the left eye and right image to the right eye. This will give you a wonderful visual experience.

Q: How did the collaboration with Lyca take place?

A: Lyca is basically a telecom giant in the UK and Europe. In India, they are a big production house. They understand the link between movies and phones. When we approached Lyca, they were impressed immediately and agreed to take the product to the world.

Q: What are the models the screen guards are out for?

A: This screen guard comes at a cost of less than Rs 2,000. Currently, it is out for seven models that include from Apple 6 to the latest models available. We are also working on some other models and, at the same time, we will add to the latest iPhone models.

Q: What are your future plans?

A: We want to take this to the medical and education sector. In medical industry, we have micro surgeries and this technology will be of great help. Also, in education sector, 3D technology will become a massive movement. We are currently working with these projects.

P T Usha