Australian university promotes space exploration with a difference

Humans have just sent a meat pie to space! No, you read it right. A group of scientists and engineers of the University of New South Wales along with the Australian government sent a meat pie to space as a part of the project named, ‘Pie in the Sky.’

The meat pie was sent on a helium balloon and was launched from the Merriwa Sports Club. The balloon rose to a height of 28 kilometres before bursting and returning to Earth. The aim for this unique project was to promote the State’s space industry. The project created a world record for the highest altitude reached by a meat pie in the southern hemisphere!

Space advocate Paul Scully-Power, popularly known as the first astronaut with a beard, said the meat-pie launch was part of the New South Wales government program that connects universities with business to share knowledge and promote innovation.

Entrepreneur Alex Herlihy said that the event was fun with a serious purpose. “This is the first step in what we hope will lead to a future satellite launch in New South Wales. Australia has a bright future in space technology, but there’s nowhere near enough awareness of this in the community,” he said.

“Australians don’t appreciate that we have some of the brightest minds in space-tech operating in this country,” he said.

He proudly added that the project used 100 per cent Australian space technology, meat and pastry. He said the space sector was rich with opportunity, especially in the area of small satellites.

“As a global leader in mining, Australia is well-placed to take the lead on new space-mining opportunities,” said Alex.

NT Bureau