When in ECR, drool with resto-bar DuDu

Crushed by your work pressure and looking for some place to chill out? Check out Dudu Grill and Bar, a resto-bar at Uthandi, ECR.

We entered the bar that seemed like a haunted room. But it welcomed us with a warm hug. With dim lights, the seating was specially made for those who come in as a group. You can drape yourself across the bed-like sofas that are oh-so comfortable.

They have an array of non-veg starters like vurige chicken and fish, teriyaki prawn, stir fried spicy beef, cajun spicy chicken and more. We tasted vurige chicken and our expectation mounted with its spiciness. It was simply the best was to work up an appetite to enjoy the feast that unfolded. The teriyaki prawns, high on spice and salt, are just right to go well with alcoholic drinks.

Not to forget the vegetarian starter dishes. They have mushroom quesadilla and spicy gobi that will equally give you a kick . If you are ready for a twist in taste, opt for the honey mustard chicken satay or spicy honey potato.

Then come the main dishes. Our pick was herb crusted fish in which a skinless fish fillet is marinated with herbs and crumb mixture that are served with grilled vegetables. The fish was so soft and the herb and crumb mixture went well with it.

Another finger-licking main dish was the conti fried steak, a beef dish. The beef is rightly sautéd with spicy sauces and comes with mashed potato. Not ending with this, they also have peri peri grilled chicken, seafood casserole and more.

The resto-bar bakes its own breads.

Among the veg dishes, we had broccoli burger and in the non-veg section we had pulled chicken burger. It was pulled chicken burger hands down. They also have beef stuffed burger, lamb burger, beef cheese burger, etc. They also have a variety of spicy sandwiches and pizzas.

What is a bar without cocktails? Explore a wide range of alcohol at this African-themed restaurant. They have flavours for mojito and martinis. There are also African Wraak, electric martini, green carnation and more. If you fancy beer, then this is the place for you.

But if you prefer aerated drinks and sides over beer, they have a handful of mocktails. We tasted mango mule and blueberry mojito. They lip-smacking good. You can also try virgin cucumber gimlet, pineapple cobbler, lavender lemonade, etc.


Food alone will not fulfil a typical bar. We hear you asking about the other amenities here. Well, they have a separate smoking area, dance floor, drive-in, private dining area, nightlife – everything you want to indulge in to bust your stress.

They also ensure your safety by restricting entry.

P T Usha