Destroy Nedumaran’s books on Eelam: HC

Chennai: The Madras High Court has ordered the State Government to destroy all the books of ‘Tamizh Eelam Sivakiradhu‘ authored by Tamil Desiya Iyakkam leader Pazha Nedumaran.

Nedumaran was arrested in 2002 for writing the book in support of Tamizh Eelam. The books that were written at that time were seized. The government withdrew the case in 2006, after which he was relieved from the case.

Following this, Nedumaran filed a petition at the court seeking the return of the books seized from him. The petition came for hearing before justice M V Muralidharan.

The advocate who appeared on behalf of Nedumaran argued that the case has been withdrawn and the books have to exported to other countries.

The government in its response said that releasing the books in public forum will lead to law and order problem as it is against the Indian army and has made many accusations against the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

After hearing the argument from both sides, Justice Muralidharan dismissed the petition and asked the government to take necessary action to destroy all the books.

NT Bureau