Indians prefer holidaying at home: Survey

A research has found that 42 per cent of Indians prefer to holiday at home while 30 per cent enjoy domestic short breaks and 27 per cent enjoy a cultural trip overseas.

The research was conducted by YouGov on behalf of Priority Pass, an airport experiences programme. Priority Pass is operated by Collinson, a global player in customer benefits and loyalty. Interestingly the type of trip which Indian respondents would spend the highest average annual sum was an overseas business trip – with people spending an average of Rs 52,191 on this kind of trip.

Holidays and travel – domestic or overseas, or whether for business or leisure, all came in ahead of what people spend on luxury items which stood at an average of Rs 17,011, the survey said. Wellness holidays abroad fared well globally, whereas they came in much lower in India, with only 11 per cent of respondents likely to take this kind of trip in an average year and 3 per cent listing it as their most favoured activity.

This is in contrast to almost a fifth (18 per cent) of people surveyed globally saying they enjoy this kind of break – with Russians and Saudi Arabians particularly enjoying them at 33 per cent and 38 per cent respectively.

Shared experiences
The reserch also reveled that eating out and going to the cinema are the two things people in India enjoy doing overall with 48 per cent each. Eating out was also the most popular activity globally (59 per cent). It said 24 per cent Indians enjoy health and beauty services (massages, manicures etc.) which was similar to the global average of 22 per cent.
The results suggest that a shared social experience is key to people’s enjoyment. The way we use social media also adds to the perception of value of an experience.

Globally travel tops list
Regional commercial director – India at Collinson, Priyanka Lakhani said, ‘It’s no surprise that travel has topped the global leader board. Thanks to globalization, a drop in travel prices, and better online services, it’s never been easier for people to plan and book a trip.’
The Next Big Thing consumer futurist, William Higham, said, ‘People increasingly look for more meaning in what they do, therefore possessions are proving less valuable than experiences, and the memories and learnings that we gain from them. In future, what we do will matter more to us and our peer network than what we buy.’

The research was conducted by surveying over 10,000 people from nine countries across all corners of the world, including 1000 in India, the data showed that most people overwhelmingly value shared experiences which manifests most clearly in the form of holidays.

Top five activities Indians value
1. Holidaying at home
2. Cultural holiday overseas
3. Catching a film at the cinema
4. Going out for a meal
5. Overseas city breaks and weekends away


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