Child prodigies bring glory to Chennai


Chennai: When it comes to showcasing of talents, no child is an exception. Everyone has his or her specialty, but making it a success lies within us. It is all about how we are able to imbibe and showcase it to the world at large. We just celebrated the Children’s Day, and it is only right for ‘News Today‘ to introduce some of the extraordinarily talented kids of our locality.


At the age of 15, Abiya has already seen many victories, she has travelled to many countries and will continue to do so. This Karate champion is from Mugalivakkam and has won several medals in national and international tournaments.

Abiya’s father said, “The path was never easy and they had to face a lot of struggles to attend tournaments and for her to attain physical fitness.’

Currently, this young champ is pitching for funds that would enable her to participate in many more competitions and make India proud. She can be reached at 90437 74239.

Sai Venkataraman


Sai Venkataraman, a five-year-old resident, has learnt keyboard in a short span of time and has even taken exams at the Trinity College in London.

While children of his age are busy playing with toys, this child prodigy had other ideas to play – the piano caught his interest.

Kannamal, his mother, says, “Sai is a great blessing to me. Being a single mother, he is my strength and reason for remaining strong. He is very matured for his age. Be it academics or extracurriculars, he makes sure to do his best in everything. He has already decided upon his career; he aspires to serve the country either as an Airforce commando or as a military soldier.”


S A Samuel Jones stands out from his peer group. How? You may ask. This 14-year-old boy has a list of targets to be achieved in the field of sports. The young tennis player is already among the top three position in State level and is called ‘tennis superstar’ by his coach and the locals. Samuel has played for State level competitions in the U 12 and U 14 categories and has also represented the State at AITA (All India Tennis Association) – U 12 and even won the title.


Two child prodigies under the same roof: Devanand and his brother Neel Anand are successful sailors in the neighbourhood. One of them, Devanand, is a special child. So what? Their parents had the courage to bring him up like any other kid of his age. His brother Neel Anand who is also a successful sailor is his motivation.

Neel is a national gold medalist in sailing, and was selected for the Adonai games from India and Asian Games. Dev follows his brother’s footsteps and wants to achieve titles, win medals and trophies like him. These lads sure aim high! They can be reached at 94455 22277.

P T Usha