Home should provide good environment for children: Amritanandamayi

Chennai: “If our laws and their enforcement were effective, then why is sexual exploitation continuing to increase at an alarming rate?” spiritual leader Mata Amritanandamayi asked during her address at the Interfaith Alliance for Safer Communities’ first forum – Child Dignity in the Digital World at Abu Dhabi recently.

She said, “Even though the United Nations, governments and social-welfare organisations are all working against this, why don’t we see an improvement? Knowingly or unknowingly, a key factor is being overlooked is spiritual values. A home should provide an environment that instils this culture right from childhood.”

Talking about false identities in the internet, Amritanandamayi said, “There is no doubt that modern technology is a blessing to humanity. But we also need to recognise that many hide their true face behind a mask created on social media, using a false identity intended to exploit others. In the past, people feared ghosts and evil spirits. Today, a much bigger problem has taken its place,” she said.

Calling for restraint while using technology, Amritanandamayi said, “Digital technology and social media are powerful. We need to be extremely attentive and exercise restraint when using them. Otherwise, these blessings can become a cause of destruction. Especially, when we buy phones and tablets for children, strict parental supervision is a necessity. Parents should block certain websites.”

More than 450 leaders from all religions participated in the event.


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