Men, look hot in cool weather

Chennai: The heavens have opened and rain has started to lash the city. It’s time for men to gear up for a hot look in the cool climate. The showers are bound to soak your well-pressed shirt while you are on way to work and it can even mess up your shoes.

News Today provides some tips on what to wear and how to prepare when rain greets your town.


Trench coats have always been a part of men’s wardrobe and are iconic when they are worn during wet weather. They are normally designed with buckle straps on the sleeves, a stand collar with throat latch, and a back saddle, intended to keep the cold rain water away from your body. One of the best parts of wearing a trench coat is that it comes along with pockets that helps you to carry small items without their getting wet. Even if you do not use them, trench coats always look fantastic. Make sure you a buy a trench coat made of natural cotton gaberdine, a durable twill that provides water resistance.


This smart fabric has rapidly changed the textile industry. A recent innovation is Loro Piana’s Storm System fabric, where wool and cashmere are made windproof and waterproof. Yet, the fabric is still breathable through the application of an extremely light micro molecular and micro porous absorbent membrane. They can be made not only into overcoats but into sport coats that you can wear when the weather is wet but not that chilly. Opting to wear such clothes from brands such as Levi’s, made of breathable fabric, will be the right choice if you love to stay dry as much as possible when rain blesses your city.


You can’t say no to casual jackets when it rains. Hybridising has become a new norm in men’s fashion. Wearing a waxed cotton canvas field jacket over smart casual clothing like a sports coat on a rainy weekend is a great option. The wax treatment gives these jackets an appealing sheen and the fabric itself is both rugged and natural. If you do opt to go with a casual rainwear, try it first to see if it works with whatever tailoring you want to wear. The same applies to things like Gore-Tex wind breakers and generic parkas. They are made to keep you dry but aren’t specific to a classic style aesthetic.


We hate to get our feet wet, especially if we are someone who commutes a lot across the city. That’s when rain boots come into play. You can simply wear a rain boot while you carry your dress shoes in your briefcase or keep a pair at the office to change into. Several brands offer a variety of options to check out rain boots that might appeal to you. Ruggedly designed, with thick soles, wildly patterned shoe prints and shoes in shades of brown, black or grey might be a good choice.

Mohammed Rayaan