Winds damage national flag at Fort St George

Chennai: The national flag atop the Fort St George housing the Secretariat here was partially torn by strong winds Wednesday and was immediately replaced by the Corps of Military Police of the Army.

“The flag got torn by the squall and there was a high-tension electricity cable passing by the flag mast. However, the tricolour was replaced,” a defence public relations official told PTI.

The flag is hoisted at 6 am and brought down at 6 pm every day by the military police that has been maintaining the flag mast for decades. The centuries-old British era Fort St George houses establishments of the Indian Army and the offices of the Archeaological Survey of India and a museum run by it.

The over 100-foot high flag mast at the entrance to the fort was set up during the times of Elihu Yale who was the Governor of Madras during 1687-1692 and was rebuilt in early 1990s.