Chennaiites seek civic action after Thiruvancheri accident

The stretch on Agaramthen Main Road, near Thiruvancheri, where the accident happened.

Chennai: The recent death of a techie after he fell into a pit, that was dug for the construction of an SWD on Agaramthen Main Road, near Thiruvancheri, has shocked residents.

Sources said R Brite Durai, a techie from Bengaluru and V Johi studying in a private institution in the locality, were returning 11 November night when the accident took place. Johi was riding the bike, while Brite was on the pillion.

“They are suspected to have hit the sand that was kept on the sides of the pit. While the driver fell on the sand, Brite was thrown into the pit. People who rescued Johi, failed to realise that Brite was in the pit. It is said he had suffered head injuries during the fall, to which he eventually succumbed.

The earth mover operator who came to work found the body the next morning and informed the police regarding this,” sources added.According to residents, the lack of proper lighting on the stretch and movement of stray cattle, has led to several accidents in the past, and this time, a life has been lost.

“Even after the accident, no proper measures have been taken by the officials,” said angry locals.

“They have just painted the barricades white. This is not going to be of much help for vehicles that use the stretch at night. Atleast, a lamp post should be erected in the spot which would help people identify the obstruction on the road. This entire stretch should be illuminated, so that commuting is made easy and safe,” said Rajasekar, a commuter.

Photo : C Santhosh

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