Review: Sei – Contemporary and conventional

What comes around, goes around. So says Nakul’s Sei by Raj Babu in a contemporary way but in a conventional story telling method.

The strength of Sei is in establishing its characters for which the writers have taken ample space. The protagonist Saravedi Saravanan (Nakul) has been carefully profiled as to how he will react to different situations. He is initially introduced as a freak who takes life easy. Then he’s subjected to a series of situations and, as the screenplay progresses, he needs to turn serious. Finally, he is at the peak of anger and conviction. Nakul has shown different composition of almost all characters he has portrayed in his past films.

So is the character of Nasser, who has a transformation from one form to a completely different one. It was nostalgic to see Nasser in such a transformation which the seasoned actor has not been doing for over a decade. Though his role is pivotal, the disappointing aspect was providing less screen space to Prakash Raj who appears in the last few minutes.

When it comes to female characters, the movie lacked screen time. But, the entire story is driven by the female lead, Aanchal Munjal, as she directly and indirectly decides what the hero would be going through next.

However, one feels that for a pacy screenplay, the time taken for character establishment could have been shortened so that the interesting elements and surprise factors would be more to engage the audience. The two songs in the second half also spoil from making for a tightly-packed entertaining movie.

Santhosh Mathevan