Chennaiite comes out with a book on Lord Vishnu

“I am a strong believer of literature and that makes the greatest influence in people,” says renowned rehabilitation psychologist, educational consultant and soft skills trainer Padmini Janardhanan from Saligramam. She released her latest book, ‘Less known avatars of Vishnu,’ recently.

‘News Today‘ caught-up with the 65-year-old author who indulges in reading and writing prose, poetry and short stories as a hobby.

When asked how she ended up as a writer, she said, “I strongly believe that literature shapes and influences all aspects of personality development and, hence, I use poetry, songs, wise quotations and stories extensively in counselling and training.”

So far, Padmini has published a few books including Compilation of slokas for children, The what and why of behaviour, and a Tamil book ‘Vaazhvu Valam Pera‘ (Towards a fulfilling life) and other material for training purposes.

Her latest book Less known avatars of Vishnu was recently released at a collaborative book release function jointly organised by India Poetry Circle and a private book store based out of the city.

“We have all heard of the Dasaavathaars of Lord Vishnu. There are several avatars. This book gives a child-friendly narration of 10 other less spoken avatars of Lord Vishnu,” she said.

Elaborating, Padmini said, “The book narrates the Lord as a destructor of evil where He takes the Prithu and Hayagrieeva avatars. Also, the story of the Lord as a guru (teacher) of right living where the almighty incarnates as Hamsa, Dhanvantri, Rishaba, Kapila, and Gautama Buddha avatars are also mentioned.”

The book comprises stories of the Lord’s avatars in response to a devotee’s call, including the ones like Lord Narayana for Gajendra, Lord Psnigarbha for Dhruva and Lord Srinivasa for Yasodha.

Padmini said she wanted to let people know these stories and discuss the unknown areas of spirituality and godliness. The author resides at Periyar Street, Gandhi Nagar, Saligramam. Ph: 9841114166.

Santhosh Mathevan