New walls being constructed at Ambattur ROB

Chennai: Frequent is one word that comes to mind when thinking about how often accidents occur at Ambattur railover bridge (ROB) that is present on Chennai-Tiruvallur High (CTH) Road.

Protests regarding maintenance of the now dilapidating structure has finally made the State Highways Department yield and get to work at the spot. It must be noted that if the bridge is taken away, residents of Ambattur have no option rather than to travel 15 kilometres further to get into the main parts of town.

The structure was built in the 1970s and is 100 metres long and 30ft wide, allowing two buses to travel side by side. However, with ever increasing traffic, especially so in the past few years, the facility is in dire need of attention.

The Highways Department is set to replace the steel barricades that were put as a preventive measure there, to prevent motorists from falling onto the railway tracks under the bridge, with permanent walls on both sides.

Sources from the department state that because barricades are not effective enough from stopping mishaps from happening, walls are being constructed. Especially motorists from TI School Road seldom exercise caution, the official added.

Thus, the Highways Department has prevented motorists from entering the arterial stretch using steel barricades that earlier did duty on the bridge.

“It is a welcome development as motorists from TI School Road need to get to Sir Ramaswami Mudaliyar Higher Secondary School junction and take a ‘U’ turn there to get to CTH Road. As an added bonus school children can now use the road safely,” said Sundaram, a shopkeeper.

However, it is not all good news as there seem to be delays in carrying the work. Sources say Southern Railway has to extend its cooperation on the matter. Strengthening of compound walls is a preventive measure.

“Now, we can heave a sigh of relief. Safety is of utmost importance. With this development, we hope things get better. Also, motorists must understand that they play a part in making the situation worse. If traffic rules are followed by all, things would get much easier and will help authorities carry their work with ease,” said Gunaseelan, a motorist.

Praveen Kumar S