Pammal, Anakaputhur municipalities source water from quarries

Chennai: To meet the water needs of residents living in Pammal and Anakaputhur, the municipalities have begun work to source water from quarries and ponds in the vicinity. It is said the suburbs experience severe water scarcity during summer.

Speaking to News Today, Pammal Municipality, municipal engineer, U Saravanan, said, “The plan is to utilise water found in Sengazhuneer quarry at Sankar Nagar, in Pammal. Since the rocks have been removed from the site, the place has become a huge pond and water is found for about 100 feet depth. Considering the scarcity problem the residents face in summer, we pitched the proposal and it has been given the green signal.”

The work order was issued September 2018 and the authorities hope to complete and implement the project by end March 2019. A fund of Rs 6.4 crore has been granted for the proposal.

“Water from the quarry sources will be treated with 14 filter mediums and supplied,” added the municipal engineer.

It is learnt that the residents of Pammal are supplied water once in seven days normally and in summer, once in 40 days by the CMWSSB owing to lack of alternative self-sustaining source.

Water requirement of Pammal is around 6 mld. Post completion of this project, the municipalities hope to supply around 15 litres and 10 litres of water to the residents of Pammal and Anakaputhur every day.

“The tanker from CMWSSB supplies an average of 25 litres of drinking water per family every day in Pammal. The additional need is met by the mini power sumps that sources water from under the ground. The municipality has 200 such sumps in 21 wards and supplies around 52 litres of water per day,” stated Saravanan.

Anakaputhur Municipality Commissioner, Malliga Rajendran, said, “Per day water requirement in Anakaputhur is 4.32 mld from which 1 mld is met by CMWSSB and 1 mld by 220 mini power sumps installed in the 22 wards. With this water from the quarry project, we are sure to cater to the water needs of the residents during summer.”

Bhavani Prabhakar