ICF comes up with eco-friendly initiatives

Chennai: The Integral Coach Factory (ICF) has come up with new initiatives to keep its surroundings more eco-friendly. ‘News Today‘ brings out the significant steps taken by one of the world’s largest coach manufacturer.

Scrap Arts

Since August 2017, ICF has been installing sculptures made out of the factory scrap. Sources from the ICF revealed that the ICF General Manager Sudhanshu Mani decided to make use of the scrap metals that pile in large numbers at the factory.

Eminent artistes such as Chelian, Jacob Jebaraj, to name a few created sculptures from metallic and non-metallic factory waste. Even some students of the ICF Welding Institute took part in this project.

The sculptures are placed within the ICF campus, on the New Avadi Road and recently the metal sculptures were installed on Konnur High Road.

Pedalling all the way

ICF launched a cycle station that includes 12 cycles which can be used by the staff to commute inside the premise. It was installed at the Shell Factory premise that covers about 68 acres. Sources from ICF said that the visiting staff and supervisors found it difficult to walk throughout the campus.

Some even had to walk for nearly one km to visit their concerned departments. Keeping this issue in mind, the ICF administration installed the cycle station inside the Shell Factory, near the Shell Division Entrance Gate. Employees are allowed to use the cycles for a maximum time period of one hour.

Waste management

The ICF residential quarters houses several thousand families. In January, they opened an integrated solid waste management facility to handle the waste from its staff quarters.

According to Indian Railways Environmental Sustainability annual report 2017-2018, about six tonnes per day bio-degradable waste from the residential colony is converted as compost at the waste management facility.

Mohammed Rayaan