‘Kavignar’ cop recites motivational poetry over walkie-talkie 

Inspector Kanagesan

Chennai: At a time when a constable’s rant on a walkie-talkie ended in a road mishap for him caused by an inspector, who is now suspended, here is another inspector appreciated for his inspiring poems which boost the morale of the city police, especially the ones on night duty.

Inspector S Kanagesan (49), serving in the Madras High Court station, has been giving minute-long breaks through a few lines of poetry to his colleagues on hectic duties through night and day.

His recitations on a wide variety of topics make police personnel sit up and listen. This gesture has earned him appreciations from higher officials.

“Last night I read out a poem on the ‘importance of doing your duty’. Many told me that it was interesting and motivating,” says Kanagesan who joined the department in 1997.

“I come from a village near Krishnagiri. I am deeply inspired by Kannadasan and I love Tamil language. I began writing poems from class eight, but my passion and dream had always been to join the police department,” he says.

Having been posted in Ooty before getting a transfer to Chennai, he says, “Ooty is beautiful and peaceful on most days. I asked for this transfer as I wanted better school education for my children and I wanted to work in this city. And, of course, after coming here my poetry has got better recognition.”

He has authored three books, including Semmozhi Tamizhe Vazhga and does not miss a chance to read out a poem he pens down on the spot.

“I visit schools where I recite poems on importance of education. I create poems on the spot. I also write on women as they deserve the most respect,” he said.

However, his favourite one is about abstaining from alcohol. “I do not drink or smoke. The one I wrote about alcohol is my favourite and I don’t get tired of reading it out to listeners any number of times,” he exults.

His ability to churn out poems, says Kanagesan, is a gift from God that cannot be hidden or forgotten. “I hope to reduce the burden, stress and tiredness of policemen. Many are sad being away from families for long hours. Some tend to fall asleep on duty. I do this because I love my job.”

Some lines from his poems

* Kadamai Veerane kaavalane
Unakku enadhu veera vanakkam
Kadaimiyil nee kannai iru
Un kadamaikku un uyirayum kodu

* Mangala vaazhvai saagadikkum
Manitha uyirai thinam kudikkum
Makkal aanantha vazhvai seerazhithu
vedikkai paarkum madhu

Naomi N