Woman robbed at knife-point at home in Chennai

Chennai: The police are questioning four persons in connection with a woman being robbed of Rs 4 lakh at knife-point in Tiruvanmiyur.

According to the police, on 10 November, three persons came to the house of Govindammal (49) in Marundeeswarar Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur, claiming to be employees of an insurance company.

Govindammal was convinced about their credentials and they entered the house to collect details about her husband Jayapal.

Once inside the house, they brandished knives and threatened her to part with her money.

Govindammal gave Rs 4 lakh which was in the house. Subsequently, she lodged a complaint with the police.

This morning, police went to the houses of four persons for inquiry.

The suspects are Saranya (35) from Damodarapuram and her friends Arunagiri (36), Sathish Kumar and Premkumar.

“We found that within 10 minutes of the crime, Saranya’s phone was active in the area. She happens to be a friend of Govindammal’s son Shakthivel,” the police said.

NT Bureau