Pon Manickavel says young officers will carry forward his work

Chennai: On the eve of his retirement, Inspector General of Police Pon Manickavel today delivered words of advice for the personnel of Railway Protection Force (RPF) at ICF, Ayanavaram.

At the interactive session and lecture, the Idol Wing head, who retires tomorrow from an illustrious career that saw him rise from a DSP, said, “The police need not be afraid of filing an FIR. Their only fear should be the court of law. If a crime happens, go to the spot and make a thorough investigation. If the crime is established, you have to immediately approach the court and make an arrest.”

Speaking about the importance of knowing the rules, he said, “Police must read the law and understand it. Have good knowledge about law, especially in cases of making an immediate arrest.”

He also insisted that police officers write down the statements of the accused.

“If you try to beat an accused to get a confession, it will not happen,” he said and shared an anecdote from his own experience. He said, “In one of my cases, while questioning a person, I gave him a chair similar to mine. I also served the same food I had. For 15 minutes I told him about the crime he had committed and its consequences. Following this, he opened up and made a confession.”

Manickavel said policemen have a huge responsibility. “If a police officer has the will, he or she can reform an accused in six months. I am leaving behind my work to honest police officers and to youngsters.”

In his career, Manickavel has busted international idol smuggling rackets and restored a number of ancient and antique temple properties from across Tamilnadu.

Speaking about how the ongoing investigations would go on post his retirement, a senior police officer said, ‘There are chances the court will appoint him as special officer in the Idol Wing department.”

Naomi N