Vehicle scraps dumped at suburban bus depot worry Chennaiites

The residents of Chrompet are unhappy over vehicles that are stocked in Chrompet Bus Depot located near State Bank Colony.

Sources say, these are the ones that are brought here after accidents.

Speaking about this, Balaraman, a resident of the neighbourhood, said, “Most of the vehicles parked in the depot are several years old and MTC officials haven’t moved an inch to dispose them off. A space of about 1.5 kilometres has been utilised for this purpose.”

Whenever an accident takes place and a complaint is filed, the vehicles are seized and dumped here, it is learnt.However, Balaraman argues that it does not require so much time for a case to close. “It is baffling when officials say that they are waiting for the judgements. All these are petty cases which could be resolved in a short time,” he rued.

He further added that the disposed vehicles are in an extremely rusted state and can never be reused. Due to the poor maintainence of the area, residents also complain of overgrown weeds and snakes.

“Around one and half years ago, Health Secretary Dr J Radhakrishnan had inspected the depot and requested authorities to take efforts to clear the scrap, as the place had potential to spread fevers like dengue. However, there has been no action taken since then. The entire facility must be inspected once again,” said another resident.

When this issue was taken to the Bus Depot, an official under the condition of anonymity, stated, “Different parts of the vehicles will be separated, the body will be auctioned and will be soon disposed.”

David Manohar, an activist from Chrompet too suggested that the concerned cases must be resolved at the earliest.

“The MTC officials should proactively submit the documents for proofs within a stipulated time, and the waste management rules must be strictly complied,” he pointed out.

Bhavani Prabhakar