Is PMK gunning for Rs 300 cr properties of Kaduvetti Guru?

Kaduvetti Guru

Chennai: Months after the death of PMK leader and Vanniyar Sangam chief Kaduvetti Guru, a storm is brewing in his family. While his son, daughter and other relatives make shocking charges against PMK founder S Ramadoss, Guru’s wife Latha is in support of the party high command.

It all started with a video released by Guru’s son Kanal Arasu earlier this month, in which he was seen pleading with Ramadoss to rescue his mother who was allegedly held captive at her relatives’ house. This was followed by Guru’s daughter Virudhambigai’s marriage with her aunt’s (Guru’s younger sister) son Manojkiran a few days ago, and the couple’s request to the police seeking protection, “fearing attack from PMK functionaries instigated by Ramadoss”.

Says Virudhambigai, “My wedding happened with my consent and as per the wish of my father. My mother knows this well. But she is now speaking against us. She is under the control of Ramadoss. She is talking as per his instructions.”

Dr S Ramadoss

Kanal Arasu says, “Ours was a joint family, but Ramadoss divided us. He and his men were against my sister’s marriage and threatened us. We received information that they were planning to kidnap Virudhambigai to forcibly conduct her marriage with one of his (Ramadoss’) relatives. Only after that we made arrangements for this wedding in a jiffy. My father worshipped Ramadoss and dedicated his life to the PMK and Vanniyar Sangam. But we see Ramadoss’ true colours now. My mother is in his custody. Many PMK members, too, are aware of this and are supporting us. My only request is to allow us to lead a peaceful life.”

Manojkiran makes even more shocking claims. “Based on Ramadoss’ instructions, PMK functionary Vaithi, along with 100 men, attacked our family. My aunt (Guru’s wife Latha) has been brainwashed by Ramadoss. When my uncle was hospitalised, Ramadoss was initially not ready to help. He even prevented us from revealing details about our uncle’s health to others. Only after Velmurugan (leader of Tamizhaga Vazhvurimai Katchi, a breakaway faction of the PMK) came forward to help, Ramadoss offered some money. They (PMK leadership) undertook the Rs 32 lakh expenses at Apollo. When we decided to shift Guru to a Singapore hospital, they stopped us, saying Rs 1.5 crore was required for that. But they are now trying to paint a wrong picture that they did their best to save Guru. Anbumani promised to settle the loans of Guru in 100 days, but did nothing. Now, the Rs 300 crore worth properties of Vanniyar Sangam are in the name of our uncle. Only if my aunt, Virudhambigai and Kanal Arasu sign the papers, the assets can be transferred in someone else’s name. They are doing all this only to take over the properties.”

Guru’s sister Meenakshi makes the same charge.

But Latha presents a totally different story. “My daughter’s wedding happened without my consent. Our relatives are behind our properties. Only at their instigation, my son released that video. The allegations made against Ramadoss are false.”

PMK circles, while refuting the charges by Guru’s son, daughter and son-in-law, say, “Everyone knows how much Ayya (Ramadoss) loved Guru and treated him like his elder son. The entire expenses at Apollo were borne by our leadership and they were ready to spend even more. But fate had other plans as Guru left us. Ayya was shattered by the death of Guru and his health took a tool because of it. A statue of Guru was unveiled soon after his demise and a mani mandapam (memorial) is also to be set up. Even though they are fully aware of all these things, Guru’s family members are making false allegations with an eye on the properties. They are being controlled by forces that are against us.”

M Bhaskar Sai