What men wear that women secretly love

In yesterday’s fashion article, we saw what women’s wear is secretly liked by men. Little do men know how we go mad for their well-fitted suits or a sexy V-necked casual t-shirt. Here are the things that men wear that drive girls nuts.


A well-fitting formal pant paired with a white shirt. This is enough to turn women’s heads when you walk by. But as you all know, we note down every single detail.

Make sure your shoes and belt go well with your dress, especially when it comes to formals. Otherwise, it could be a major turn down for us. Your laziness will make us doubt your fashion sense. Careful, boys!


Never make much efforts to look good and sexy while showing up to meet friends or for any get-together. A cool-coloured V-neck t-shirt will never fail to catch girls’ attention.

Also, believe me, we love the way you play with your coolers. So, the next time you are out in the sun, remember, coolers is your pal.


Whatever you may wear, it is your Adam’s apple, beard and your eyebrows that rule. If you can show the glimpse of your throat bulge, and give maintain your beard, boys, I’m telling you, you’ve got it all.

I can hear you asking, “So what about the so-called ‘chocolate-boys?” Believe me. There are a lot of girls who will love your looks too. All you have to do is to play with your charm.


Like girls, you don’t have too many complications in accessories. So, whatever you have, make it look cool. We generally don’t go for funky-coloured shoes/sandals. You may look different; but we don’t want to you to look out – only attractive. Always have separate watches for casual and formals and pair it right.


As your appearance is noted, so is your cleanliness. This is not about how you keep your place. After all, being messy is a real common thing. This is how you care for yourself. It really irks girls to see dirty nails. It is a big no-no. Make sure you breathe good and use a mild perfume.

* The way your forehead shrinks when you adjust your hair
* The way you pull out your hand to look at your watch
* How you fold your cuffs
* Showing a bit of your shoulder muscle
* Revealing the collar-bones


P T Usha