Man held in Chennai for fixing hidden cameras in ladies hostel

Chennai: A man running a women’s hostel in Thillai Ganga Nagar, in Adambakkam, has been arrested for fixing secret cameras in the rooms of the inmates.

Many working women stay in the hostel run by Sampath Raj (48), from Tiruchi, and lately suspected something was amiss in their rooms.

The inmates began getting suspicious after Sampath often carried out renovation in the building. The women had a doubt whether he was fixing cameras under the guise of this ‘renovation’.

Using the hidden camera detector app they found hidden cameras in the switchboard, light and even clothes hangers. The tiny cameras were found in the bedroom and bathroom that the women used.

The cameras have been removed. The police seized 16 cellphones and electronic gadgets from Sanjeevi. They also found him in possession of many fake ID cards.

The police, who arrested Sampath last night, are investigating to find out if the cameras were fixed to upload the pictures on shady Internet sites.

“The hostel is just two months old. He had taken a house for rent and seven inmates were living there,” said police sources.

Subsequently, a complaint was lodged with the Adambakkam police who arrested Sampath.

NT Bureau