India’s heaviest GSAT-11 satellite launched from French Guiana 

Chennai: India’s heaviest satellite so far, GSAT-11, weighing 5,854 kg, was launched by Ariane rocket from French Guiana this morning.

After it was put into orbit, the control centre in Karnataka took charge of the operation of the satellite. It would come into use after preliminary tests, said ISRO.

The satellite would enhance broadband connectivity even in remote villages under the Digital India project, according to ISRO chairman Sivan.

The ISRO chief said in the past 21 days, the space organisation had launched three satellites and two rockets.

The GSAT-11 satellite was to have been put into orbit in June 2018 but developed some snags. The satellite was brought back from French Guiana and tested thoroughly. Now, it has been successfully launched, said Sivan.

NT Bureau