90-year-old woman falls into well, survives whole night

After spending a 12-hour-long night with the company of cockroaches, lizards and frogs, Dharaniammal, a 90-year-old resident of Ramapuram, who fell into a well in the locality, is now safe and sound. She sustained minor spinal injuries.

“We just cannot imagine how she survived and all we pray is for her to get well soon. She has been residing here for a long time and is everyone’s favourite,” said the residents of Bhajanai Koil Street with a heavy heart.

Relatives of Dharaniammal said, “She lost her husband many years ago and since then living alone, taking care of her needs herself. But, in the recent months, due to age problems, her eye sight has become poor. So, we give provide her the food and other needful items. On 25 November, late in the evening, when she was walking to our house to return a coffee tumbler, she skidded and fell inside the well.”


“Noticing the lights in her house, we came to see her and found her missing. Thinking that she must have gone to the hospital or a nearby shop, we left. Again, The next day, early in the morning, when we went to visit her, the lights were still on and she was no where to be found; this is when we panicked and began searching for her. We had an instinct and looked into the well and found her lying unconscious. Shocked, we contacted the fire department, who came and rescued her. She was later admitted to the hospital,” they informed.

“Even until six months ago she used to cook her own food and visit people. Due to her poor health condition, she was largely confined to the house and the neighbours would visit and give her food,” they further added.

The relatives also reveal that the nonagenarian after falling into the well thought that she was sitting inside some pit and was hoping for someone to come to her rescue.

According to the reports, it is said that Dharaniammal still needs complete bed rest. “She has been given a back support belt to wear by the doctors and is likely to be discharged in a week,” said her relatives with relief.

NT Bureau