Break the rules

Following complaints that too many films release every weekend thereby affecting their prospects, the Tamil Film Producers Council (TFPC) came up with a regulation committee that brought in rules and regulations and made it mandatory to get their approval for releasing films in K’town. Still, the issue was not resolved as many producers pointed fingers at TFPC, saying it was showing favourtism and helping big players in the industry. A few chose to even quit from the producers council.

Call it a challenge for TFPC chief Vishal as too many producers wanted to release their films for Christmas weekend, and the two big-budgeted ventures, Ajith-starrer Viswasam and Rajinikanth’s  Petta were keen on Pongal release. Several negotiations by honchos in the association failed. As many as half-a-dozen movies eye the third week of December. Finally, the council has decided not to control / regulate the number of releases for the Christmas and Pongal weekend.

Though the council asked some of the producers to choose 14 December, they turned down the idea. TFPC also failed to convince the producers of Petta and Viswasam to postpone at least one of their films to after Pongal. Understanding the situation, TFPC has now announced that they will not interfere in the release plans of 21 December and 10 January movies. It is time for TFPC to act tough. There is an urgent need to come up with a fresh strategy. For the betterment of the industry, the onus lies with them to find a quick remedy.

NT Bureau