Review: Seemathurai – Nativity is the saving grace

Kollywood has this obsession of making movies with caste pride – it is the same industry that makes a number of movies against communal discrimination, as well. When we take debutant filmmaker Santhosh Thiyagarajan’s Seemathurai, it is of the first kind.
The movie discusses a simple love story in the rural geography of Pattukottai. As we have seen in a lot of rural-romantic screenplays, Seemathurai also has its own cliched conflicts. But, what ensures its uniqueness among other films is the detailing of plot elements like lifestyle and nativity of the premise where it is set.
The cast of Seemathurai comprises a bunch of freshers in the lead. But, the experience they have gained during rehearsals seems to be evident on screen. The female lead, Varsha, who was seen in lighter roles before, in movies like Vetrivel and 96, has much to do as a rural beauty. There are some scenes for her to emote and add substance to her role ‘Poorani’. So is the hero, Geethan, as Maruthu, who has an innocence-filled smile. He will surely be seen in more movies to come.
When writing, the filmmaker has been very keen in including the ‘nativity’ elements. However, that does not make a big influence to the screenplay. Even if we remove that, the plot points are going to be the same. Here is where a rural entertainer needs to be shaped up. There has to be enough blend within the premise and screenplay that makes the narration even more interesting.
Here is where this lovely village drama lets you down. However, documentation of the lifestyle of the soil and light love story makes this film worth watching once.

Santhosh Mathevan