Jayam Ravi wants his movies to talk about social evils

“Crime against women is increasing day by day and it is disgusting. Adanga Maru, has taken this as its main theme and we have recorded strong statements against this,” says actor Jayam Ravi.

His upcoming movie Adanga Maru is all set to hit the screens 21 December. Directed by Karthik Thangavel, the movie talks about social evils, especially crime against women.

This is not new to Jayam Ravi as he has already given his best through Peranmai, Thani Oruvan, and Nimirndhu Nil. In an interview to News Today, Ravi opens up about Adanga Maru and what we can expect from it.

Q: Tell us about Adanga Maru.

A: This movie talks about the brutal crime against women – rape. I play an innocent cop (inspector) who enters the department without knowing anything about the inner politics. In Thani Oruvan, Mithran was already clear about his goal and did big background work. But this inspector comes in and learns everything on the job. Apart from physical fitness, I have grown a beard in the second half. There are eight villains in the movie. And the movie is action-packed. In addition, four youngsters play an important role.

Q: About the heroine.

A: We have given good space for the heroine. She takes part in the main plot. She is an interior designer. It’s a very mature character who understands everything about her husband’s work.

Q: How do you see these crimes against women?

A: It is disgusting. References like the sensational Delhi rape case in the bus will come up. Even in my previous movies like Nimirndhu Nil, I have addressed crime against women in many places. As an actor, more than talking to people in person, I have got the biggest opportunity and responsibility of taking such thoughts to people through the mass medium. So, I use this opportunity in the best possible way.

Q: On actors entering politics?

A: It is not that one essentially should step into politics to serve people. I will do my best from wherever I am. Stars turning into politicians is totally their personal choice. I think, they have learned a lot and have that much experience. With that they can serve people better.

Q: What is your next project?

A: Currently, I am doing another movie with Kajal Agarwal which is yet-to-be-titled.

Q: Can we expect more movies with your son?

A: He has received nearly 25 offers. But I don’t want him to miss school life and his friends. So, let him enjoy this part of life as of now.

Q: Social issue based movies are welcomed by people. Your view.

A: Previously, people came to a movie for entertainment. Now, they are educated. They have got their basic entertainment through web series, YouTube and many such platforms. Only two kinds of movies are running today – either you make them laugh or make them think. In that case, Adanga Maru will make them think.

Q: Leading heroes are seen in web series. Can we expect you to feature in them?

A: I was given an offer by Netflix international head to do the movie Tik Tik Tik as a web series. But, I am quite busy with movies now. So, I am yet to think about web series.

Q: Who is your favourite character in your movies?

A: My all-time favourite is Sadha – my first heroine. This character played a big role in the movie that turns an innocent boy into a hero.


In one of the recent documentaries about former chief minister Jayalalitha, one of her relatives has said one of the favourite movies of Jayalalithaa was Deepavali and her favourite hero was Jayam Ravi – when the News Today correspondent revealed this to Jayam Ravi, he was amused and said he felt very happy and proud. “More than chief minister, she was a great artiste. I met her personally to invite her for my wedding. I remember telling her, ‘Nice house’ and she replying, ‘Thank you’, in a very subtle tone,” says Ravi.

P T Usha