Jaya hospitalisation: Rs 6.85 cr spent on treatment, Rs 1.17 crore on food

Chennai: Apollo Hospitals has informed the Arumughaswamy Commission, probing the circumstances leading to the death of late chief minister J Jayalalithaa, that Rs 1.17 crore was spent on food for her when she was treated at the hospital for 75 days.

The hospital management also said Rs 6.85 crore was spent on medicines and for treatment.

It said, “Rs 92.7 lakh was paid to London doctor Richard Beale, Rs 1.29 crore to the Singapore hospital for physiotherapy treatment, Rs 24 lakh rent for the room where Jayalalithaa was treated and Rs 1.24 crore for the room where Sasikala’s family stayed.”

Out of the total expense, the AIADMK has paid Rs 6.41 crore to the hospital, while Rs 44 lakh is yet to be paid.

NT Bureau