Mainline Electrical Multiple Unit chugs off at ICF

Chennai: The Integral Coach Factory (ICF) today rolled out a newly designed Mainline Electrical Multiple Unit (MEMU). These trains are used across the Indian Railways to carry passengers within a city.

What makes this latest variant of MEMU different is that it makes use of many Train 18 features, notably the under slung propulsion system. Traditionally manufactured MEMUs are propelled by conventional DC traction system. They are mounted on board in the driving motor coaches.

As a result, a lot of space is occupied. To increase the intake of passengers, ICF engineers came up with a solution of creating an under slung propulsion system. It enabled them to clear the entire on-board traction system in the driving motor coaches. Naturally, this increased the seating capacity.

Sources from ICF revealed that they started manufacturing the latest MEMUs with under slung propulsion system from this year. This prototype under slung MEMU was manufactured at a cost of Rs 26 crore. They also noted that they have taken up the task of introducing this under slung technology to other mass transit systems like EMUs (Electric Multiple Units).

Officials said that the MEMUs rake will be handed over to the Northern Railway division. Before it is used for commercial operation, the train will undergo tests and trials by the Research Designs and Standards Organisation (RDSO) in Lucknow.

Technical stats
* Operates on 25 kv AC Overhead Traction.
* 3 Phase indigenous electric traction system (all underslung)
* Regenerative braking saves about 35 per cent energy.
* Stainless steel coach body.
* Aerodynamically shaped stainless steel driving end nose.
* Makes use of Train 18 bogies
* Capable of operating at 130 kmph
* Has 2,618 seating capacity


Safety features
* CCTV surveillance system has been installed inside the coaches including the driver’s cab.
* Has GPS based passenger information/announcement system.
* Coaches are installed with ‘Talk Back system’ to enable passengers to talk to driver in case of emergency.

NT Bureau