Margazhi: Mylapore sabhas, temples reverberate with music

Every year during December, sabhas and temples across Mylapore bustle with music, dance and drama for Margazhi season.

Famous clubs like the Mylapore Fine Arts Club, Indian Fine Arts Society, Music Academy to name a few have a packed schedule.

They host artistes of various musical genre. Even temples organise music programmes Sri Vedantha Desikar Devasthanam in association with Sri Parthasarathy Swamy Sabha celebarates the music season.

The six-day music festival will be celebrated at the Sri Desika Bhawanam, Venkatesa Agraharam in Mylapore with the presence of many renowned and young artistes.

The fest will happen between 26 to 31 December. R Mugunthan, a trustee of Vedantha Desikar explains the significance of this annual fest.

“Margazhi and Chennai Music Festival are inseparable. It dates back to the periods of Andal Nachiyaar, one of the 12 Alwars,” he says.

“It is considered as a spiritual and divine month. Lord Krishna says that he is Margazhi. This clearly explains its greatness.” He adds that it is mentioned even in the slokas of Bhagavad Gita.

Mugunthan also claims that this month has scientific benefits. “It is considered very auspicious to visit the temples every day early in the morning during this month,” he says.

“This custom has been followed by our people for ages and now it has been proven scientifically that the ozone layer is closest to the Earth during this time and hence breathing in the fresh early morning air during this month is very beneficial to our health.”

Margazhi is also known for the bhajans that are done in the mornings when devotees walk around the temples across Mylai.

For details about Paddhathi Music Fest, contact, Sri Vedantha Desikar Devasthanam, 4 K P Sannadhi Street in Mylapore and call 98410 47064.

Mohammed Rayaan