4,217 LED lights have been installed so far in Chennai suburb

With almost 95 per cent of sodium vapour lights (SVL) have been replaced with light emitting diode (LED) lighting in the neighourbood comprising K K Nagar, Ashok Nagar, MGR Nagar, Jafferkhanpet and Nesapakkam, there seems to be positive points.

Speaking to News Today, Virugambakkam MLA V N Ravi, under whose constituency the neighourhood falls, apart from Ashok Nagar, said, “As of now, 4,217 LEDs have been fixed and remaining around 400 are left. They will be fixed by January 2019 end. I inspect all the places when LED lights are fixed and make sure they are done properly.”

According to Corporation officials, all bus route roads have been covered by LEDs and when it comes to interior areas, 95 per cent have been completed.

The LED lights are fixed under three categories: On bus route roads, 150 watts LED light is fixed replacing 150 watts of SVL. Similarly, on main roads, 90 watts LED (150 watts SVL) and interior areas 40 watts¬†(70 watts SVL). “The main advantage of LED light is energy-saving and has a long life span,” said a civic body official.

He further said, “The LED lights are supplied by private companies with seven years warranty. Whenever the light fails to work, they are replaced by the companies.”

On advantages of LED lights, the official said, “The white rays provide more brightness than SVL. For those who have fixed CCTV cameras outside their houses or shop, they can capture accurate image of culprits, even if they are at the far end of the street.”

The LED lights are operated automatically. “We have fixed a timer at junctions and the time is set according to the season. For example, during Margazhi month, the day gets dark early. So, the LED lights will start to glow before 6 pm and for the rest of the reason, after 6 pm,” he said.

Residents have welcomed the Corporation move of fixing the energy- saving lights. “In each sector, the lights are fixed in all streets. It is brighter and things are visible,” said 11th Sector Exnora Association president K S Rajendran.

“Apart from brightness, the LED lights are considered to be an additional safety for residents. The officials should trim the tree branches covering the lights,” said Thirunagar Residents Welfare Association executive committee member M Venkatraman.

Karthikeyan Halan