Artist in Chennai encourages homemakers to learn painting


“I wish I could have done that.” “Once, I had a dream of doing this.” – Many of us must have heard these dialogues at least once from our mothers.

Although homemakers spend their life staying at home and taking care of everyone, they too will have a dream that are yet to be achieved.

For such women out there, here is an opportunity. Surendran, a miniature artist from Porur, has brought together a group of art lovers, comprising mostly home makers, and helps them re-construct their dream path.


“Once, a woman came to me to admit her kid in my class. She told me about her dream to become an artist and asked if it was possible for me to take class for her also. Without any second thought, I accepted. This is not about talent. Interest and passion for the subject is what matters the most. She had that in her,” says Surendarn.

This incident encouraged him to start classes for homemakers and working women. There is no looking back after that. Many women started approaching him, saying they have love for drawing and painting.

“Initially, I was amused to see them show not only interest but also professionalism towards their work,” states Surendarn.


One of the trainees, 38-year-old Gayathri, says, “I worked as a school teacher for five years. I had interest in drawing and painting right from my childhood. But I had no other choice but to take up a safe career for the sake of my children. That is how it was for most parents in my time. So I buried my dream and became a teacher instead. Recently, when I got an opportunity to meet Surendarn, I thought why not give it a try. Learning has no age bar, right?”

“Now, I am in the advanced stages of drawing, and in future want to become a tutor. For this, his coaching is so useful and he is very professional too. As I want to teach children, I am also learning how to impress them and grab their attention by playing with shapes and colours.”

Another homemaker, Kalyani, who is also Surendarn’s student, shares that she was already an artist without much professional training.

“Many people used to appreciate my art. But when Surendar saw my works, he pointed out the mistakes and how to learn from them. It was very useful. Learning something new makes me feel confident. This is also a stress buster. In a busy world like this, doing what you love is definitely a bliss,” says the 40-year-old.

Surendar can be reached at 73394 44464.

Not only for homemakers, Surendar conducts workshops for government school students too. “Talent is everywhere. My aim is to take arts to the underprivileged kids as well. These students show so much interest in learning, and through these workshops, I found many talented little artists. I am also conducting free classes for them,” says Surendar.


P T Usha