Chennai police campaign for CCTV installation

The Velacheri police are on a mission to safeguard the residents from untoward incidents and have been educating the people about the importance of installing CCTV cameras in the locality.

A team of police has been visiting various commercial establishments, petrol bunks, places of worship and asking the people there to put up cameras in their vicinity.

Speaking about this, Assistant Commissioner of Guindy, Pandiyan, said CCTV facility is a win-win initiative for both the public and police.

“As of now, educational institutions, shops, commercial establishments and few apartments have brought in the system. We have installed 1,019 cameras in Velacheri alone and our aim is to have one fixed every 15 metres. The whole of Velacheri will be brought under CCTV surveillance in about 10 to 15 days.”

His request to those installing CCTVs is to keep one facing the road also. “For example, Phoenix mall has at least 720 cameras, but only six of those face the road. Our team met the mall authorities and requested them to fix some outside the complex too. Things like these will help both the public and police in case any incident occurs.”

“The population of Velacheri is growing by the day. With new people coming into the neighbourhood, safety becomes paramount. The usual crimes that happen in the neighbourhood are chain and bag snatchings, burglaries, public brawl among gangs and trouble-mongers. With CCTVs, the monitoring becomes easier,” says Sub-Inspector Tamilselvi of Velacheri police station.

“Women need not fear walking on the streets anymore,” she says, adding, “A lot of awareness has been created among people regarding this, but there is a little delay in installing them. I have met a number of residents’ associations, hostels and many commercial establishments and spoke to them about the importance of this initiative. It would be better if big establishments contribute cameras to smaller shops that cannot afford and this would be the same for apartments as well. I heard that some families refuse to pitch in money. Such people must realise that it is for their own benefit.”

Recently, at an event, the city commissioner A K Vishwanathan met with residents of Velacheri and appreciated them for installing CCTVs at their residential areas and for contributing towards the neighbourhood’s safety.

Naomi N