Review: Adanga Maru – Talks tough

Adanga Maru‘ is a techno cop thriller starring Jayam Ravi, directed and written by debutant Karthik Thangavel.

It is about a police officer, who takes revenge against men who killed his loved ones. As the story unfolds, Adanga Maru soon becomes a game of intense revenge peppered by techno gizmo and hacking gala.

The director has come out with details about common ills that plague society – hunger for power, rape, drugs and alcohol.

Karthik Thangavel’s Adanga Maru has many underlying messages about corrupt police officials, spoilt rich brats taking everything for granted and the punishment for them. The core premise of Adanga Maru is about the injustice meted out to women by lustful men and how the system watches them suffer.

The performance of the stars keeps the story in safe waters. Jayam Ravi as a hot-headed cop delivers quite a handful of notable punch lines that are sure to earn wolf whistles from fans while Azhagam Perumal as a senior inspector deserves applause.

Sampath as the joint commissioner of police who favours men with money and power gives a classic cold cop attitude whereas Munishkanth is the comic relief offering quirky lines and timely humour. Rashi Khanna as heroine is bubbly and beautiful. Composer Sam CS’s background score adds strength.

Adanga Maru sure has its potholed errors yet the director, Karthik makes us know that he is someone to look out for. Adanga Maru is a movie that will entertain you.

Mohammed Rayaan