Activists condemn hike by sewage lorry drivers; protest by begging

From Rs 850 to Rs 1,100 in just five months – This is the rate fixed by private sewage lorry drivers in the neighbourhood areas.

Condemning this act, a group of activists in Mugalivakkam staged a protest by begging money from the general public and sent it to the Metrowater department. This unique way of protesting has grabbed the resident’s attention and they have also joined the force.

In many areas like Mugalivakkam, the laying of underground sewer pipe connection were begun some months ago, but unfortunately, due to various reasons, such as rains, the work has slowed down. This, in turn, has led to the increase in fare by sewage tanker owners.

“Before August, we were paying Rs 850. Then after a few months, they increased it Rs 1,000, claiming the hike in diesel rate as the reason. Now, although the fuel price has come under control, Rs 100 has been added to the fare,” laments Ram a resident of Mugalivakkam.

A social activist in this locality says, “The lorry drivers not only increase the fares but also violate a lot of rules. They rash drive during peak hours and put the commuters at risk. Recently, a woman was killed in one such incident, but sadly no action was taken against the driver.”

“Currently, the construction of underground sewer connection is going on in and around Ramapuram and Poothapedu Main Road areas. However, the residents want the work to be completed as soon as possible so that we get rid of paying such high fares,” says a resident.

P T Usha