Mahalingapuram in Chennai suffers from host of civic issues

Residents living around Mahalingapuram temple complain of serious issues that have been prevailing in the locality for a long time now.

According to sources, damaged stretches, heaps of waste piled up on roads, broken stormwater drain lids and open EB boxes are some of the concerns here.

“I have been residing in Vijayalakshmi Street for the past six years. Right from the time I came here, I have been complaining to the Corporation about the said issues repeatedly, but each time they come up with only temporary arrangements. We are yet to get any permanent solution,” says resident Syed Ibrahim.

He points out to the stormwater drain pits in the road which are closed with just a slab and says, “I have been constantly taking this up with the authorities. Few months ago, the Corporation official came up with a much bigger concrete slab and covered few pits with it. This is just a temporary measure, which will not solve the problem.”

He then goes on to show the poor condition of the road in stretches like Saraswathi Street, Madhavan Street and Mahalingapuram Second Main Road.

“In all these places, there are a lot of potholes and the tarmac has worn off. It is risky for motorists as they are prone to skid,” he adds.

“At this time of the year, the entire area gets busy as many visit the Mahalingapuram Ayyappa temple. Sometimes, the shrine authorities themselves make the road ready by filling the potholes with mud,” he states.

Ibrahim also throws light on the fact that the overflowing dustbins here are not cleaned regularly, thus resulting in hygiene concerns.

This news report is based on inputs from Syed Ibrahim, a resident of Vijayalakshmi Street, Mahalingapuram.
He is our Neighbourhood Journalist of the Week.


Aaditya Anand M