Muddy stretch at Surapet, Chennai, is a cause for concern

The muddy roads at Ratchagan street at Surapet.

Ratchagan street at Surapet is not in the best of conditions, and is a torture for both motorists and pedestrians alike, alleged residents.

Situated right next to Ambattur Redhills Road and the famous Ayyappan Temple in Surapet, there are three streets that come under the name Ratchagan at the place and all of them need a fresh coat of tarmac, residents said.

When News Today visited the spot, the roads were in a pathetic condition, with no tarmac to be seen.

Ramkumar, a resident, said, “We have contacted the officials on the matter but no response came from them. We have been struggling to get to our homes due to the state of the road.”

Like him, many residents stated that the dust that comes off of the road covers the houses there, and has created breathing problems too.

“We cannot walk when it rains, for the road turns slippery and when the climate is dry, the road turns the area into a dust bowl. Students and elders are suffering big time,” said Ramkumar.

Commuters had their share of worries as well for the roads look like torture chambers. “You can imagine the plight that we undergo. Tyres get punctured, or worse motorists loose grip and fall down. It is hardly surprising that some mishap happens here because there hardly is any traction on offer from the tarmac,” said Sundaresan, a commuter.
Residents stated that it has been the case with many roads in the locality. While the main roads are well-laid, arterial stretches have not found the light of the day yet, they say.

“Officials cite various reasons for not laying roads. Never do departments concerned go hand-in-hand and get the job done. We pay road taxes for our vehicles while we have to travel on mud paths and rocky stretches. Will officials be held responsible if someone gets hurt?,” asked Roja, a resident. Residents want authorities to relay roads at arterial stretches in Surapet at the earliest.

Praveen Kumar S