‘Petta’ trailer electrifies: Get ready to be Rajinified Pongal 2019

In a scene in his epic comedy flick Jigarthanda, filmmaker Karthik Subbaraj promises a producer about making a ‘ratham therikka therikka’ violent and mass movie. But, no one would have expected then that he will do that film with the Asian Superstar Rajinikanth in the lead.

When watching the trailer of much-awaited Petta that opened up in YouTube today, one would feel that Karthik has kept his promise and also brought back vintage Rajini to screen with all his spirit. With this, Kollywood and film freaks in town are gearing up to get Rajinified for Pongal 2019, when the movie hits the screens.

The entire 2.21 minutes of the trailer is filled with Rajinifying moments. Some even trigger nostalgia, especially when Kaali (Rajinikanth) opens a royal gate like from his first frame in Apoorva Ragangal. For the first few cuts, we just see and hear Rajini’s co-stars like Vijay Sethupathi, Bobby Simha and Ramachandran Durairaj describing Kaali. Until then, the protagonist is shown either in out-of-focus or silhouette frames. All their descriptions about Kaali convey the same context – ‘Avan Oruthan Thaan’.

Suddenly Kaali walks out of the darkness with his handlebar moustache and in the very next frame, in a different look with a dense beard, he opens the gate, probably in a hill station.

As we already know, the movie takes place in two timelines – where a Madurai don travels to this college in a hill-top hamlet and works as hostel warden for some reason. From the frames in the trailer, we can learn that Kaali is on a revenge mission who wants justice for the loss of his bestie Maalik, played by Sasikumar, and the love of his life Saro, played by Trisha. The people who caused their deaths should be in this hill station.

However, Saro is not the only girl in Kaali’s life as we see him romancing another woman character, played by Simran. It is, indeed, a return of this crush of the masses during the ’90s. With Simran’s role, we see this angry, rustic and violent ‘thani oruthan’ Kaali turning naughty. When she says if you’re uncomfortable you can close your eyes, he flirts, ‘Aiyayo nee nalla irukka’.

What makes the trailer even more exciting is the way Kaali shows off his characteristics with the mix of violence and naughtiness. Kaali warns a student, probably ragging his juniors who seem to be standing behind him half-naked. Kaali says, ‘Sathyama solren adichu underwearoda oda vitturven. Maanam ponaa thiruppi varaathu paathuko’.
Also another line, when someone in the middle of a problem asks a wounded Kaali what are we going to do, he gives a savage response, ‘Sweet saapida porom’.
But if you ask if it was just this crazy and angry Rajini who is in Petta, Karthik says no. A director who has been an ardent fan of this Superstar should have idolised his ‘Rajini-style’ factor all his life. Apparently, he allocates ample space for Kaali to be as stylish as possible.
There is even a dialogue by the character played by Megha Akash – ‘Paakurathuku chinna paiyan mathiri style ah irukeenga’. Guess what Kaali replies? ‘Style ah irukenaa?’ followed by the Rajinified ha.. ha.. ha… and, says ‘Naturally’. Karthik establishes his idol again as a man who is organically stylish.
What came as a bigger surprise was Rajini imitating his idol M G Ramachandran. The frame we saw in the teaser when Kaali in front of the mirror wears his aviators in Rajini-style gets complete in this trailer when Kaali does an MGR.
And so, here returns all those forms of Rajini – the violent, the naughty and the stylish – for this Pongal. Seriously, it’s time to #GetRajinified.
The trailer of Petta was supposed to be released 11 am but got advanced to 10.25 am as an 11-second portion of it got leaked around 9 am. Though it was a blow for the crew, the dialogue in the 11 seconds actually catalysed the hype. When Kaali says, ‘Evanukkavthu pondaaty pullakuttynu sentiment kintiment iruntha apdiye odi poiru… Kola gaandula irukken mavanae kollaama vidamaaten’. And, there is the mass Rajini of Petta.

Santhosh Mathevan