Jumbo Circus holds shows in Chennai; comes up with thrilling acts

After a long and tiring day, to sit among a huge crowd’s claps that appreciate the performers who bend their bodies inside a ring just like a rubber, is definitely a breathtaking one. Yes. Jumbo Circus has now come to the city and is holding shows with their very own thrilling acts.

The show has various acts like ladder dance, unicyclist, roller balance, etc. Among the many, the very first one makes our heart beat fast. The three Ethiopian artistes Samuel Gebregzabeher Hadush, Daniel Seles Kitaw, Natnael Wendmu Ayele lift the show with their inaugural performance. This one, which already takes us to the edge of the seat, is followed by acrobatic performances. The choreography was very professional and it was a visual treat.

Next was a challenging balance act. The performer made a simple entry at first and without giving use time to blink, he jumped over a table and stood over a rolling PVC pipe piece. As he got huge applause for his act, he immediately put up another plywood-like slab over it and a pipe over it and it goes on. Towards the climax, he stood over six pipes and performed a mini dance. No question why he deserved so much appreciation.

Skating is a well-known sport and many people do it. So what’s special in this act? – This is what we thought initially when the performers were getting ready. Boy, did they surprise us. They balanced perfectly while skating – not on the floor but on a small round table without any life-saving hooks.

The climax made our hearts race: A thick rope was tied around the performers’ neck. And then one performer lifted another and rotated fast. The one who was rotating had no connection with one who was lifting. The only link between them was the rope. What a performance it was!

Dogs are always cute to watch. Like every other circus, this circus also had animal exhibition. The dogs were made to jump over the ring, walk on two legs, slide over the glider, etc. Many children were attracted by the act.

Another performance that made the audience gawk was given by two bikers. While motor racing is common and is performed by many, these professionals rode the bike inside a small globe like structure.

While people were enjoying this, a giant machine set-up was erected at the centre stage. Just like a roller coaster, a ring keeps swinging and inside the small ring performs an artist. The highlight was he blindfolded himself and walked over this fast-moving ring.

Apart from this, there was magic show performed by magicians. The circus also indulged enthusiastic children who were asked to volunteer during the magic show. Towards the end, they had really challenging tasks. If you are thinking about how to spend quality time with your family this holiday season, you know where to head to.

Daily three shows: 1 pm, 4 pm, 7 pm

Ticket rates: Rs 100, Rs 200, Rs 300. For advance booking: Rs 300.

To book online, visit www.bookmyseats.in

Contact: 7907786009, 8281606892.

P T Usha