21,000 people visit zoo on New Year day

Chennai: As many as 21,000 people paid a visit to the zoo on New Year, officials from Arignar Anna Zoological Park said in a statement.

Apart from watching the animals in the large groups, children also enjoyed using play equipment on the premises.

To ensure people’s safety, officials monitored their activities round-the-clock through CCTV cameras. Parking area was also increased on the day to accommodate all the vehicles.

It is to be noted that on 27 December last year, the newborns of Indian grey wolf and nilgai were put on display yards for the first time at the zoo.

The Indian grey wolf female littered seven pups two months back. Of these six were male and one was female. After continuous veterinary monitoring and ensuring that these pups have reached a stable phase, they were put on display yard along with its mother.

Similarly, two female nilgais in the zoo littered two calves each, which was also made available for the visitors view in the display yard.

Also, an Indian Gaur named Lalitha gave birth to female calf on 16 December sired with Vijayan, a male Indian Gaur. Presently, the park has 23 Gaurs of which 10 are males and 13 are females. The zoo management is giving special attention to mother and calf.

Additional facilities like extra battery vehicles, separate rooms for feeding mothers, more parking facility were recently provided for the ease of visitors who visit the zoo.

NT Bureau