TN villagers file police complaint to trace missing well

Dharmapuri: In a bizarre incident, residents of a village near here have approached the police asking them to trace a drinking water well that went missing about 50 years ago.

The well, though appears on the village map of Seshappa Naidu Kottai, cannot be found in the village, said the local people in their complaint. Asked about the complaint, a senior police officer said the well became a garbage dump over a period of time leaving no trace of the well and nobody bothered for the last 50 years.

“When people approached us to trace the well, we told them that the matter does not fall under our domain. Police cannot do anything about it…it is not police work,” he told PTI. Local authorities, assisted by the people, have ”now found the location of the well,” that got buried under heaps of garbage.

Some encroachment in that location was also identified by the local authorities and they are working to remove it as well, the officer said. Steps were being taken to clear the garbage mound, demarcate the location so that the well could be put to use in the village, he said.

The village falls under Karimangalam Town Panchayat in the district. The incident is a scene straight out of a popular comedy track of the Tamil film Kannum, Kannum.