Kapil Dev & Jyothika laud SIMS docs’ robotic knee surgery initiative

Chennai: “I would have played cricket for another 5-7 years, had the robotic technology been there when I was a kid,” said former cricketer Kapil Dev.

“Way back when I was injured, we did not have technically-sound equipment to operate in ease and hence the surgeons had to open the knee to diagnose the problem. Now, the technology has improved to a greater extent, but the person behind it is also more important,” noted the former Indian team captain.

In what seemed to be a complicated surgery, the doctors of SIMS hospital operated two back-to-back successful robotic total knee replacement surgeries in the city recently.

Addressing a press conference here Wednesday, SIMS Hospital, Institute of Orthopedics joint director and senior consultant, Dr Vijay C Bose said, “Robotic joint replacement surgery has many definitive benefits over traditional surgery: one being, a bone conserving technology as it helps in preserving natural anatomy. Secondly, it enables the surgeon to operate with enhanced precision even during the most complex procedures and difficult cases. Enhanced precision and lesser bone removal lead to less blood loss, painless, faster and better post-operative outcomes for the patient. Robot-assisted joint replacement is at a much higher level with regards to many parameters than traditional joint replacement surgery.”

“The surgical technique used here, NAVIO surgical system, reduces human error and ensures perfect alignment and it offers longevity of the joint implant and we ensure it is affordable,” said SIMS Hospital Department of Advanced Joint Replacement Surgery senior consultant, Dr P S Ashok Kumar.

Actress Jyothika who was also there in the press meet recollected the surgery which was conducted to her mother. “My mother was admitted here two years ago to replace her knee as she was unhappy with the surgery that she underwent in Mumbai. The expert doctors with high-precision instruments, treated my mother and now she travels with ease,” she said.


NT Bureau