’96 batch of Chennai govt school plans to improve basic facilities

Some of the students of 1996 batch

Chennai: Most of us must have watched or at least heard of the recent hit movie, 96 which had Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha in lead roles. After watching this film, many alumni in the city took efforts to visit their schools or colleges.

Recreating the film in real life, a group of 30 students of 1996 batch, who studied at the State-run Hussaini Higher Secondary School at Ramapuram, met recently at their school premises. And, tomorrow (Sunday), they are planning to conduct a cultural programme for alumni.

Speaking to News Today, Saravanan, one of the alumni, said, “All of us have been keeping in touch with each other through a WhatsApp group for over two years now. But the movie 96 encouraged us to visit our school and meet old friends.”

He further said, “When we all came here, we were shocked to know that the strength of our school has come down drastically. Although we have good and talented teachers here, we are surprised at our schools’s state now. We don’t know what went wrong.”

Alumni members painting the school

“We are planning to raise funds from old students to improve the basic amenities at our school. We are going to plant more trees at the premises and encourage the present students,” Saravanan said.

“For the Sunday function, we have also invited our old teachers and their families to honour them. We are also planning to hold discussions with our juniors about developing the school infrastructure and urge them to join us in the mission,” he further stated.

Recalling his school days, he said, “Porur has developed beyond our imagination. Those days, every where you turn, the area was covered with thick forest. Today, commercial buildings have lifted the area to a new level. We used to have many meeting spots in our locality where we used to gather and play. Today, these places have totally changed.”

Saravanan said, “One should never forget that who they are today is because of their school. It gives them their identity. Now, it’s time to give it back.”

P T Usha