Plastic ban to be extended for packaged foods

Chennai: Soon, plastic ban in Tamilnadu will be extended even to packaged foods like biscuits, flour, cooking ingredients, etc., which are manufactured predominantly by multi-national and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies like ITC, Britania, Pillsbury, etc.

With this, the State government has, finally, addressed the allegations of Tamilnadu Plastic Manufacturers’ Association (TAPMA) that they were the only ones made scapegoats in the name of plastic ban.

Making this announcement at the Assembly Friday, State Environment Minister K C Karuppannan, while responding to a query by DMK MLA Geetha Jeevan, said, “Soon messages would be sent to all the manufacturers of plastics used for packaging eatables as that is also against the environment.”

As of now, ban is in place on 16 different types of single-use plastics.

NT Bureau