Rlys extends free transportation of Gaja relief material by 15 days

Chennai: In order to help Cyclone Gaja affected people in Tamilnadu, Railways today decided to extend the free transportation of relief material to affected areas by 15 days.

Back in 27 November last year, the Indian Railways had decided to permit inter-state and intra-state free transport for aid and relief material by coaching trains and goods trains, including in less than standard composition rakes to districts in Tamilnadu affected by the Cyclone Gaja.

According to the 27 November press release, all Government organisations across the country could book relief material free of cost to the affected districts. Other organisations were also made to avail this provision if they were deemed fit by the Divisional Railway Managers.

The press release also included guidelines for loading the relief materials that were to be followed by the railway officials.

It further noted that the Divisional Railway Managers have been empowered to take decisions including attaching additional bogies, coaches, vans to various Tamilnadu bound trains.

This initial notice was in effect till 10 December 2018. Today, Piyush Goyal tweeted an image of a new press release stating: “With regard to Board’s letter under reference (27 November 2018 press release), the competent authority has now decided to restore the guidelines regarding transportation of relief/aid material to cyclone ‘Gaja’ affected districts of Tamilnadu state for a period of 15 days from the date of issue of this letter.”

It went on to add: “All other terms and conditions of Board’s letter dated on 27 November 2018 shall remain unchanged.”

NT Bureau