Only 63,000 unapproved plots registered so far, says CMDA

Chennai: For the benefit of citizens, the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) had extended the deadline to register for the regularisation of unapproved plots and layout. However, it is learnt that there are still owners failed to complete the process.

The final revision of the dates happened in November 2018 and the last date was set to be 3 November, 2018. An official from CMDA said, “A total of 63,000 unapproved plots have been registered of around 1.5 lakh in Chennai Metropolitan Area so far.”

It is implied that 87,000 plots have not been registered for approval. When questioned about the poor reception, the official said,”The owners would have been settled elsewhere or he/she might have already developed a property on the plot.”

“Now that the deadline to register for the scheme has got over, the individual owners would not be able to resell their plot/layout,” the official said.

The officer further stated that they have no plans to make them register. The scheme was introduced 4 May 2017, and it was extended in October, May 2018 and November 2018.

Bhavani Prabhakar