Suburban trains in Chennai are a microcosm of human nature

Ganesh Shanker K K

Chennai: Chennai’s suburban trains are where you find the best form of entertainment. Beginning with the long queues to buy tickets to the moment the train stops at the destination, you encounter different kinds of people.

News Today’ took a ride from Tambaram to Chennai Beach just to observe the various types of passengers you are bound to find in any local train.

These people consider themselves as official door-keepers. While other commuters are busy finding an ‘inch worth space’ seats, the word ‘sit’ is non-existent for door-keepers. Seats may come and go but these guardians will stick to the door.

Local trains are a blessing for the poor. They earn their livelihood by selling anything and everything from fruits, vegetables to accessories like earphones and chargers.

In direct contrast to the door-keepers – who never sit – these are people who sit anywhere. They enjoy sitting on the floor even when there are vacant seats.

Train travel is the time to rest for many, especially after hectic office hours. It doesn’t matter whether they occupy a seat or not, you see them mastering the skill of dozing off even while standing.

These people bury their noses in books. Neither the rattle of the train nor commuters’ chatter and laughter disturbs them.

These sort of people are brilliant at breaking the ice and begin a conversation with any stranger. They usually starts by asking, “Which station are you getting down at?” and keep on piling questions. Though some may find it odd, in the end, these are people who are happy making new friends during every train journey.

Here they come. Be it Counter Strike or PUBG, these young chaps in groups are glued to the phones in such a way that they ‘live’ in the game, totally disconnected from the crowded surroundings.

These are people who consider it their birthright to stare at others. Once they turn their gaze on you, they never look away.

A smart phone and an ear phone is all that they require. You see these young romantics with heads buried in their screens texting their beloved or making calls. Young love!

Thus, with such a population and diversity of people that these train transport every day, you learn something about people every time on suburban trains. Look around and see for yourself!

NT Bureau