Cancer patient in Chennai undergoes advanced endoscopic procedure

Chennai: For a sole bread winner of the family, nothing is more tragic than to be afflicted with an advanced cancer of the intestine. A 41-year-old patient, a native of Kumbakonam and employed in Malaysia was referred to MedIndia Hospitals, as his condition was serious.

“At this advanced stage, the tumour infiltration was such that a surgery was not feasible and conventional endoscopy treatment would not be successful. There was obstruction in both the biliary system as well as proximal small bowel causing severe jaundice and unrelenting vomiting due to total obstruction to the outflow of food. This was the challenge that needed to be addressed,” stated a press release issued by the hospital.

He was performed an advanced endoscopic procedure spearheaded by renowned gastroebterologist Dr T S Chandrasekar. The procedure relieves the obstruction to the flow of bile, using Endoscopic Ultra Sound (EUS), a state-of-the art medical equipment, which combines both ultrasound as well as endoscope to access the site of operation for delivering a stent for palliative care, effectively.

He was performed another surgery to provide relief from vomiting due to obstruction to the gastric outflow. The two endoscopic procedures added a new lease of hope and comfort to the patient by reducing jaundice and provided relief from vomiting.

The press release further added, “The patient was able to start taking food orally over a few weeks. The procedures qualify as minimally invasive endoscopic surgical procedures since they were carried out through mouth without opening the abdomen under minimal intravenous sedation, without blood loss and any blood transfusion.”

NT Bureau